Holiday deals and coupons

It’s the holiday spirit and in the spirit of helping you share my art with the people you love I am offering a 20% off coupon to the first 5 orders of the season. Use coupon code SNAKE at my etsy page: when you check out. After those 5 are used this code will be replaced with a 10% off coupon code :)

Happy holidays everyone!

Convention season is a go!

4th of July weekend I will be in Pittsburgh at one of my favorite conventions, Anthrocon. Where the city welcomes all animal artists and art enthusiasts alike! Wish me luck I will be bringing new jewelry and a new project of hand etched glass. Keep your eyes open for the table with all the scientific glassware. ::crosses fingers:: I hope you all will love my work as much as I have loved making it. I am also excitedly waiting some new species of sheds to offer in the future. Check out the list of sheds here and if you are keeping or know someone keeping something that is not on my list Contact me so I can continue being the most diverse provider of snake shed jewelry in this rapidly expanding market. Much love from this originating artist to you my followers.

Trying something new

Earlier this week I was approached by Aurora Rose, A Unique Boutique in Lemont, IL for the opportunity to rent space and sell on consignment. I figured it doesn’t hurt to take a look and talk it over. Well I must say I was impressed! All the unique handcrafted items from other artists was a lot of fun to see. All that is left is to get things organized and there will be another way for you all to buy pendants and other items I don’t often bring with to shows.

Take care folks and wish me luck!

Hello world!

After 4 years since the birth of Herpaintology, a lot has happened. I started with a few paintings and a hand painted banner at some local reptile shows. Now I have a very nice professional banner, I travel across the country, and now a website that has seen it’s second revision. Welcome to the new website. It is still in progress so don’t worry about your favorite painting not being here yet. But it is now smart phone friendly. So enjoy from the comfort of your desk, laptop, or nifty smart phone and take a look around.