Art for $25 and enter a raffle

So I have decided to move on from Etsy. It was a lovely place in it’s youth, but the reality is that it turned into another ebay. What once was a place for hand crafted artists and unique supplies could be found, it’s now allowed mass produced and supposed vintage resale. So to kick start a much smaller catalog of items I am offering items for sale here:¬†

For the month of May I am going to be rotating in paintings, pendants, and various other things made by me for just $25 plus the shipping. With every purchase I will be throwing your name in a hat. At the beginning of June I will pull a name and offer a commission to that winner. That winner can have be create a custom acrylic on canvas painting to their specifications. It has been just shy of a decade that I have opened for canvas commissions. So if you have been itching to get something from me, it’s not going to be a bigger bargain than this!